The driving force behind Pacuara

Pacuara travel is a travel organization that tries to inspire people with active travels by and connecting with nature, sports, and the local population.

Pacuara Travel was founded in 2017 by Suzanne Koolen. Pacuara was born out of a passion for outdoor sports and traveling. This passion transfers Pacuara daily to their popular Instagram page@iloveactivetravel. But passion can only be tasted if you really experience it. Therefore Pacuara develops and organizes active journeys.

Whether you are young or old, everyone wants to pursue his or her dream. Pacuara is there to turn that wish into an unforgettable experience a ‘Once in a lifetime experience’.

The team

Suzanne Koolen


Suzanne Koolen grew up in Brabant. During her studies at the Sports College, she became a member of the Dutch Ladies Raft team, with which she became Dutch and European champion. After her studies, she traveled to New Zealand to take part in the World Rafting Championships. After this event, it was time to leave her rafting carrier behind and to develop her second passion, traveling.

After 6 months in New Zealand and Australia, a new challenge emerged, working in Guatemala. Over the years she has seen more than 30 countries. Soon she realized that building a life and career around travel was her dream. To achieve this she has developed and @iloveactivetravel to share her experience and passion.

Paul Koolen

Online marketeer/Instagram

Paul also grew up in Brabant. From an early age, he grew up with a lot of traveling. Paul has studied International event, music & entertainment.

A traveler as he is, he has completed his final internship in Australia. After his studies, he immediately started working at Pacuara Travel, as an online marketer focused on Instagram –  @iloveactivetravel & @pacuaratravel.


Developing trips together
Develop a journey for your target group. Partners who preceded: Meetings in the Sun, Vlogster Lisa KolsterRunning blogster Join My RoadRunning blogster and Wandelnet.

Job offer
At the moment we are looking for a trainee online marketing. View the vacancy here.