The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta at 5775 meters altitude, is the highest coastal area in the world.

This mountain range makes the Colombian Carribean one of the most diverse coastal areas of the world. Within a few kilometers, you will encounter all geographical climates, from tropical rainforest to cloud forest and from bare plains to eternal snow. It is the number 1 place in the world with the largest variety of native birds and waterfalls.


Real mountainbike experience

The mountain bike tour shows you the most beautiful spots of the Caribbean area.

From Santa Marta we drive to Minca in a 4x4 car. Minca is a quiet and nice village, 600 meters above sea level. Here we receive the technical information and details about the mountain bike tour of our guide.

The tour is suitable for people who lead a normal but active life and enjoy nature and adventure. The guided tour will be accompanied by a guide and a support team.

Day 1 Real adventure and Coffee

Arriving in Minca, you step on the mountain bike. The first day you climb the Marinka Valley, take a refreshing dip in the ‘Arimaka’ waterfall and enjoy the view over the sea and Santa Marta.

A wonderful downhill trail will take you to the village of El Campano and La Victoria coffee farm. Here you get a tour and explanation about the production process of the coffee.

The day ends in Casas Viejas. in the morning you can enjoy the sunrise, from the terrace of the hotel.

Real mountainbike experience

Day 2: We start the day with an early breakfast. This day is all about challenge and adventure. We mountain biking on a rocky and technical path that crosses the rainforest and Natural Reserve el Dorado.

The great panorama lookout point ‘Los Pinos’ gives with a bit of luck a view of the snow peaks of Sierra Nevada.

At the summit of Mountain Cerro Kennedy we toast and hold a picnic so that we can descend 2200 meters full of energy and adrenaline to Minca. Here our mountain bike adventure ends with a beer!

General information


Casas Viejas is surrounded by breathtaking views over the Sierra Nevada, Santa Marta and the rainforest. The hostel is located in Finca La Victoria, a 500-hectare coffee farm founded in 1892. This farm is located 20 km from Santa Marta and 30 minutes above Minca.


During the tour, you will be provided with a good mountain bike, helmet, gloves and a first aid kit. To keep the energy up, snacks and drinks are provided during the tour.
The tour requires a good physical condition and certain skills when dealing with a mountain bike. The tour is suitable for people who live a normal but active life and enjoy nature and adventure. The majority of the tour will be accompanied by a 4x4 jeep. However, this is not possible during the route between the coffee farm La Victoria and the log in Casa Viejas. The participants can always continue the tour in the supporting 4x4 jeep when needed. This jeep will not leave the group under any circumstances. If a person has to return to the village, extra transport will be arranged. Additional costs will be charged for this. Per 4 participants there is 1 guide available, 1 car and 1 spare mountain bike. in the 4x4 jeep, we have a repair and a first aid kit.
Date: Individual date

Duration:  2 days


  • 1 persons € 797,-
  • 2 persons € 532,-
  • 3 persons € 439,-
  • 4 persons € 392,-
  • 5 > persons € 367,-
  • Accommodation.
  • Lokal guide during the trip.
  • Day 1 lunch, dinner and snacks during the mountain bike trip.
  • Day 2 breakfast, lunch and snacks during the mountain bike trip.
  • Transport of luggage.
  • The mountain bikes, helmet, gloves, and first aid kit.
  • Back-up team, in case of emergency.
  • Transport with a 4×4 jeep from and to the hotel in Santa Marta.
  • Insurance and entrance fee.
  • National and international flight
  • Travel & medical insurance (mandatory)
  • Extra snacks & drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Sleeping equipment
  • Englisch speaking guide ( possible to add extra expenses)
  • An upgrade to a private room with a private of sharing a bathroom.

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