Colombia, The pearl of

South America

Discover Colombia

Whether you’re looking for adventure sports, flamboyant parties, architectural wonders or rugged nature – the Colombian rhythm will get you moving! Colombia is a seductive mass of old and new, charming cities with many Spanish influences, interwoven with the thriving culture and the sensual nightlife. Or are you looking for the Caribbean sand between your toes, the highest waterfall in Colombia or do you prefer to climb the white snow tops of the Sierra Nevados? Colombia is named as the best-kept secret of South America.

Tolima Expedition

Are you fit and do you want to be on top of a 5000+ meter summit, without other tourists around you? Then this expedition is suitable for you! A 6-day trip, where we start in the green coffee region of Salento and end up through the canyons at the tundra of the National Park Los Nevados. Eventually, we will cross glaciers and ice sheets and try to climb the summit. An ultimate adventure that demands perseverance, but is definitely worth it!



Bike together

A 2-day mountain bike tour in the north of Colombia.

At no less than 50 km from Santa Marta, lies in the mountains, the village of Minca. This jungle-like environment provides beautiful views and is ideal for adventurous mountain bike trails. Minca is known for the coffee farms, which we will visit.



Active Colombia

Make adventurous Colombia your holiday destination. Take a nice walk through the jungle, take an impressive hike through the high mountains or visit the colorful colonial villages. Colombia offers something for everyone, both in nature and in culture. Because of the relatively fresh history, the country is not yet affected by tourism and you discover the authentic culture of Colombia.

This 22-day trip includes a 6-day hike to the top of La Tolima, in the National Park Los Nevados and a multi-day hike to ‘The Lost City’


Customized travels

An authentic dream trip that’s what it’s all about! A unique journey that is 100% composed to your wishes. Not with building blocks, but by conducting personal conversations, to develop the perfect journey for you.

Our journeys are Personal, unique, local and active. A holiday that is possible for everyone, with experiences that are different for everyone. Is this what you would like? fill in your details now and then we will be sitting around the table next week, to put together the ultimate trip!