Quality marks

Pacuara Travel is a member of the association of small-scale travel specialists (VVKR). This interest group currently has 350 members, who are focused on personal and small-scale tourism. Both VVKR-affiliated travel organizations offer a form of travel guarantee. This means that the consumer is insured against unforeseen bankruptcy. This way you can book a trip with peace of mind with a smaller organization. Look for more information on the VVKR website.
Pacuara Travel is affiliated with the Guarantee Fund for specialized tour operators (GGTO). The GGTO foundation guarantees that the already paid part of your travel sum will be refunded if the tour operator comes into financial insolvency. This can be, before you leave, but also during your stay on location. For more information, visit the GGTO Guarantee Fund website.
Pacuara Travel is affiliated with AON insurance policies. They specialize and understand the interests of the travel industry and the best choices in risk management. The business liability insurance at AON takes into account far-reaching liability for the travel organizer and the requirements of the ANVR and the VVKR