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What are influencers?

Anno 2019, social media can no longer be ignored from everyday life. This involves the many influencers, in all kinds of areas. Pacuara travel specializes in collaborating and developing trips with influencers.

In the past Pacuara travel has worked with various influencers, including Lisa Kolster, running blogger “Join my road”, running blogster “” and Wandelnet.

Check out the latest trips with different influencers


Tom Grond is a professional travel blogger and he has traveled the world since 2012. You can follow his adventures through his social media accounts. Tom never says no to a good challenge and would like to continue to discover central Asia.

This time he is not going to do this alone, but he would like to share this with you. He challenges you to join him in this adventure to Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is an ecological paradise, stretched out between two enormous mountain ranges. In this country, the traditions, and nature are still untouched.

Maaike Lut

Maaike, from travel a Lut, is going on a journey again! This time we offer you the chance to go with her. Always wanted to know what it is like to be a travel blogger? Then this is your chance to experience this life up close.

We travel to South Africa, where you enter an adventure. The trip goes, 4 days through the rugged Drakens mountains. We meet the local people in Lesotho. Enjoy the undiscovered beaches on the wild coast, go on safari and explore the vibrant Durban. Maaike shows you the South African life from very close.


Pacuara travel and Meetings in the sun together organize their first workation. A workation, is a trip where work and pleasure are combined. During this workation, you will travel to the prosperous startup culture of Cape Town

During the workation, you work together with a business coach on your company, you meet many local and international entrepreneurs and you get the opportunity to present yourself and your company to them. It is an inspiring, innovative, but certainly an educational journey.

Specialized Journey

Are you an influencer or are you specialized in a specific field and are you interested in organizing a trip together with Pacuara travel? Please feel free to contact us and let us start brainstorming together!